Who We Are

We are Manufacturers empowering businesses with products that match their requirements.

Our History

We have 32 years of manufacturing experience, started with just one “Hand-operated screw press” we have grown our business to
what it is today

How We Work

We know you don’t come to us because of your inability to manufacture, but you giving us a part of your business is in the trust that we will provide you with products that match your expectations and will seamlessly flow into your process flow with no extra effort from your side. With that in mind we work on:

Understanding your product requirements and the role it plays in your Manufacturing or Business process


Clearly defining your expected quality. So what we supply matches your needs


Creating a “System of Process” in Manufacturing and Quality to fit your Needs and Requirements


Maintaining consistency in product and service


Most importantly building a relation where we both grow as organizations




Years in Business

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Our sister company specialised in Sheet Metal